Do y'all know the song "To All The Girls I've Loved Before"? Here it is but about the internet:

If I could go back in time I'd kill the first idiot to say: there are no dumb questions

What's weird about it is people say it like this is some unfamiliar thing that like every semi literate knowledge professional doesn't already know

Weird experience I have had since becoming a journalist:
I join a new place and they are always like, "Let me show you our CMS."
It's always Wordpress.
Which I knew from non-profit life before, too, because they also used Wordpress.

Why do I keep listening to that one Roxette song?

Once the new Avengers movie comes out, I'm gonna deprecate superhero movies as a priority in my life
They scratch the needed itch less and less
With Game of Thrones ending as well, it sorts feels like I'm finally kinda maybe moving on from the whole fantastical world
It just doesn't grab me like it once did

Hot take:

It's better not to reply on social media than to give a lazy reply. Such as:


UX opinion:
if your website asks people to input data before they have even had a look around, you're too thirsty

Outlet stores rock for me because I love all the garish colors no one else wants to be seen carrying around

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