One weird trick if you feel like your budget won't permit you to see all the content you want silo'ed on different streaming services 

Do you think Existentialism was the antithesis of Hegel's philosophy of history?

The elites need to come up with some kind of narrative of what's next:

I’m sorry, I heard Linux was ugly but I can’t seem to reproduce that. Can anyone help?

Remember Google Reader? I don't think you REALLY want it back
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"No one knows the relative pace of either of those two processes. Yet commentators pretend to be increasingly knowledgeable, moralizing based on the pretense of knowledge they do not have."

Full moon dream 

@aral Hey so I was googling around this morning and also scanning your blog and I couldn't find a good post on your "stayups v startups" idea. Is there one you like?

I've put lots and lots more links and summaries on this log of coronavirus news and thinking today:

There's a lot of ways to track what is going on with this pandemic. This weekend I published a log I've been keeping of decently prominent folks processing the crisis on independent blogs (which I find to be a useful proxy for taking the temperature of public sentiment)(and also to give me some sense of where things might be headed):

Do y'all know the song "To All The Girls I've Loved Before"? Here it is but about the internet:

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