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I think Mojave is the first Mac OS upgrade I’ve had regrets about doing. It is KILLING my 1st gen 12-inch MacBook.

I admit this is a low-powered laptop, but but the previous version ran fine.

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@bigzaphod Please, please, please make your Mastodon client available. I like this service, but I'm very unhappy with the clients I've used. For now, I prefer the web interface but everything about the service would better hook me with a good client.

Apparently, "travel clothes" are now a thing. Why? Am I doing it wrong? I normally just wear my normal clothes when traveling.

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Be the change you want to see in the world. I’m being a nickel and three pennies.

I think I may the only person in the world who suffers anxiety because the icons on my phone homescreen aren’t arranged perfectly for usability and color distribution.

On a related note: Devs, there are more colors than just blue to use for your icons.

THAC0 Bell - A restaurant where you enjoy tacos and a game of Dungeons & Dragons.

So far, it appears MacOS Mojave doesn’t have a performance boost on older hardware like iOS 12 does on older devices.

On my early-2015 MacBook, the new OS seems noticeably slower on most actions.

iOS 12 appears to have given a performance boost to older hardware. What is the verdict on MacOS Mojave?

This new iPhone is my first one with a True Tone display. I’m not sure I like it. I can tell when the white point is shifted and I don’t like it. I’m giving it a chance, but I may turn it off.

UPS is becoming increasingly unreliable. I don’t know where they delivered my package to today, but I hope an honest neighbor gets it to me.

I can see why one would want favicons in Safari’s tabs, but I think it just makes for a junky UI.

Jeez, now I can’t activate the multitasker view to save my life! This is beyond annoying.

I might be alone on this, but I’m finding the gesture to activate the multitasker view in iOS 12 on my iPad Pro to be awkward and hard to activate. I only get it right about 30% of the time.

What are the best sites for learning about new iOS apps and games?

No Starbucks today thanks to Florence. It’s made me wish there were caffeinated protein bars with high sugar content I could get to cover all my needs.

I’ve been quiet on here this week because we’ve been verifying our company’s disaster recovery setup. Our main datacenter is in N.C. Amazing how much more scrutiny is placed on DR when the disaster is looming.

Just watched “Won’t You Be My Neighbor?”. I told my wife, “this is going to make me cry.” I wasn’t wrong.

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