Just look at this and try to tell me you wouldn’t watch a movie based on the game Joust.

Somewhere out there is a thief who has been living large on my credit card for the past week. Sorry, buddy, you’re now cut off.

I was confronted by a fox this morning on my way to my car. I now know the sound a fox makes, and it is terrifying.

As a Barnes & Noble fan, I wish they would give up on ereaders and tablets and just focus on being a great bookstore.

I wish more traditional roguelikes were available on the iPad.

My new favorite game is “Is It Good Dipped In Queso?”

Listening to people complain about how long it takes to vote and how little respect it shows for their time is some hardcore American privilege.

I've worked my current job for the past 19 years. My future is a little up in the air right now thanks us being purchased by another company. That potential shakeup is making me realize how much I like my job and don't want it to change. I'm in for a stressful/exciting/uncertain next year.

I love my iPad. It is probably my most loved device, but there is an old fuddy-duddy part of my brain that says “this isn’t a REAL computer”.

But it also says current-day PCs and Macs aren’t *quite* the same degree of computer as a Commodore 64 that booted into a BASIC prompt.

At least in usage, most of these devices are all “internet applicances”.

Thanks to acquisitions, I will have my fourth employer next week without having ever changed jobs.

People really get excited over new emoji. What about us old-schoolers, huh? When do we get a new letter of the alphabet!?

I think The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina is my favorite show Netflix has ever done. A+!

In D&D terms, lawful evil is in ascendancy in the US. A good dose of chaotic good is needed.

So far, I’m not liking black themes on the iPhone X. Just because the OLED screen can produce a true black doesn’t mean you should use it. Most apps I’ve seen look terrible using it.

Horrible Antisocial Rant 

I think Mojave is the first Mac OS upgrade I’ve had regrets about doing. It is KILLING my 1st gen 12-inch MacBook.

I admit this is a low-powered laptop, but but the previous version ran fine.

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