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Any tabletop roleplaying game designers here? I designed the 2004 edition of PARANOIA, and now I operate the Bundle of Holding ( ), which offers time-limited collections of RPG ebooks.

The terrifying perfection and haunting legacy of Magnasanti, the maxed-out metropolis built in SimCity 3000 in 2010 (The Outline):

Remote Hub - database of tech companies hiring remote workers:

"A new model of the planets’ orbit shuffles things around, calculating that Earth’s closest neighbor, on average, is actually Mercury. In fact, it says every other planet in the solar system’s nearest neighbor is Mercury as well." (Futurism):

Can You Pet the Dog - A catalog of pettable and non-pettable dogs in video games.

"An artist envisioned Disney princesses with careers based on their characters — and they make so much sense" (Insider):

Hammerspace, the extradimensional storage area where cartoon characters keep their giant mallets, has a Wikipedia page:

TIL "no risk, no fun" is a common Anglicism in Germany, spoken (in English) among German speakers as we would say "C'est la vie" or "que sera sera." Apparently Germans believe this is an English proverb, though it originated (in English) as a slogan for a German candy company.

So-Called ‘Atheist’ Doesn’t Even Barge Into Churches Screaming ‘You’re All Brainwashed Fools’ (The Onion):

"You are offered $1,000,000 USD if you can hide a pair of car keys from the entirety of the FBI force for 7 days. Where do you hide the keys?" (Reddit):

The "Gotham" TV series makes more sense if you assume the characters don't recall each other's crimes committed more than four episodes back. A crime recapped at the start ("Previously on Gotham") has its clock reset.

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