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Any tabletop roleplaying game designers here? I designed the 2004 edition of PARANOIA, and now I operate the Bundle of Holding ( ), which offers time-limited collections of RPG ebooks.

ResearchCoders: Use your programming skills to improve the world. "Here you can find great ideas from the scientific community for your next coding projects." Only one paper there right now; I hope this gets some traction.

Chekhov's Gauge: If you have a red line on your gauge, you must use it by the end of the episode. (Watching old Mission: Impossibles)

December 8, 2018 is the 50th anniversary of Douglas Engelbart's "Mother of All Demos":

"There’s every reason to think investors, not local cab companies, will wind up being Uber's biggest roadkill." (Yves Smith, New York Magazine):

In , stability is stagnation, leading to a crisis. -- Citard Musil

Overlong article about the rise and fall of the box-office prediction market Hollywood Stock Exchange, ruined by 9/11 and then again by the 2008 financial crisis. This article, a decent tutorial about futures commodities markets, explains (at length) why the only two things that legally aren't "commodities" are box-office receipts and onions. (The Ringer):

1920s Polish ammo bunker converted into steampunky wine cellar (Cool Hunter): /via Warren Ellis

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