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Apparently there is an #XMPPIoT protocol?

> XMPP is already the underlying IM protocol for Google Hangouts, WhatsApp Messenger [ . . . ]

Erm, was.


Also: There's an XMPP newsletter yay! (that's the first issue)

I had a look at and it's not immediately clear whether there is an actual slimmed-down version of XMPP, or if it's just an information resource for people wanting to use XMPP in IoT.
@psjbeisler Thanks!

> Status: Retracted

Doesn't seem like the right thing to be promoting.

@clacke oops, didnt catch that before, been trying to figure this xmpp-iothings out for a while too and cant seem to find a good answer... latest thought has been to make xmpp into a ROS node. 🤖