Got a query this morning from DHS, asking about buying Sidekiq Enterprise.

My response:

"I can't morally justify selling to or supporting the DHS in any way, not while your organization is separating families and locking up kids."

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@mperham ❀️❀️❀️❀️

@mperham Nice! My uncle is the CEO of a company that does back end stuff for TV and video (they do Marvel, Fox Sports and some other big names).
Fox News wanted to use the company's services so my uncle proceeded to demonstrate and walk the Fox News reps through how everything works. They were completely sold and were ready to sign a contract. Then my uncle simply told them, "I would never let you use our services. Have a good day."
I love my uncle.

@mperham well you’re on a list now.

I mean, solidarity brother, but yeah.

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