Sad that .org is dead?

I'm up to 17,723 scraped images, and I've dumped it into Hugo and put it online. Not the best solution, better than a dead site.

Mirror this content. Redistribute. Share.
Looks like upgrades.

Jul 15, 2019 - Openclipart on Twitter: "Update: Testing our new hardened mailer and final issue, conversion to php7 to fix some longstanding issues. REMEMBER: Openclipart was engineered by @rejon in 2004 and improved with the contribution of the late @basselkhartabil through his aiki technology. Very close now!" / Twitter

Jul 18, 2019 - Openclipart on Twitter: "UPDATE: Issue 1 Mailer is solved. Final Issue php7 work in progress. Thank you for your patience!" / Twitter

@klaatu Zip it up and put it in a torrent.

Or zip it up and put it in the Archive.

@drwho torrent is a great idea. I want to continue to develop the site though, because I'd like it to grow

@cobra2 @drwho @klaatu

Something like this might also do well on Zeronet.
Torrents also work to keep files alive, but not so well for a site.

@cobra2 Roughly 1.8GB

Ideally, it will continue to grow, although currently I don't have an infrastructure built for that aside from pull requests on Gitlab.

@klaatu it's not dead

mirrors likely good, but they do plan to open again apparently

@dirething i do not believe rejon plans to reopen. His tweets have been circular and antagonistic. Just my opinion, but also a vote of no confidence.

@klaatu Your IP address ( has been blocked for security reason. Probably your IP address has been used for violation of server security rules before.

doesnt matter if im a robot or not, i should be fucking allowed to view the website from whatever ip i wish
@klaatu It seems the suffered some DDOS attacks and had to close the site temporarily to protect it. And they are taking this opportunity to upgrade the site.

@eddee i have reason to believe that that story is untrue. Just my opinion, but the number of conflicting info rejon has provided leads me to believe he is not genuine in his efforts or in reporting what fhe problem has actually been.

Are you using or what are you doing?

@nivatius scrubbed, debian repo, personal harddrive.

@klaatu can you put the sites source code on GitHub or any other site like GitLab or ? then others can create other solutions like #IPFS site or torrent

@davidak @klaatu I'd gladly help put the content on IPFS and make sure it stays available

@swedneck @davidak So, it's technically on Gitlab here:

But sadly the Hugo frontend fails to build on Gitlab's CI/CD infrastructure.. my only guess is that > 17k files is their upper limit...

Still, the SVG sources are there, so somebody could clone it and replicate what I'm running on and I'm pushing all updates to both my instance and Gitlab.

@swedneck @davidak I don't think the problem is with large files because most files are actually very small. I believe the problem is the number: 17000 images, each requiring one page for display, so at least 34000 entities.

I could be wrong; could be something else, but I definitely don't think it's file size, because the biggest svg in the lot is only something like a 1MB.

@klaatu @davidak hmm, i've put the page on ipfs (QmT2TB8mLm4PV8q3wp9Yy2H6hD3crnpHZrowZ37JB4bxhx) but it just redirects to
Is it possible to fix this and make all links relative so the site is easier to mirror?

@klaatu @davidak The fix doesn't seem to have showed up on git, did you forget to push?

@klaatu Why do you say dead? Do you have any news about it? On Twitter it's written that they're updating their infrastructure...

@KinmenRisingProject Rejon has been saying that for 3 months. He's emailed different people conflicting stories of what's actually happening, he's been antagonistic to the community ("the site is up, you just don't have the key"), he's blocked people who've asked him for clarification. It goes on and on.

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