I'm at the Berlin sprint, working on improving OMEMO support for Converse.js.

There are over 20 people here and we're testing OMEMO encryption interoperability across 12 different clients.

@JC Brand  Great to hear. Thanks for all the hard work put into the 'dead' protocol 😃


I'm reminded of "Year of Linux on the desktop" memes.

XMPP is used all over the place. Fortnight (200m users), Twitch, Google Cloud Print and many others.

The issue is that XMPP as general "federated social network" has failed to gain traction, so people think the protocol is "dead".

@JC Brand 😋 was being sarcastic since lotsa people tend to think that way. Xmpp is my only IM i use.
Just wanted to send my greetings for all the work you put into conversejs.

Btw. I was blown away recently by the ui changes in pade. I'm toying around with porting some of them (avatar in chat/contact list, avatars in room member lists, nick colors etc). Are you guys in collaboration and planning to include those in converse upstream?


Thanks, yes I know you were joking :)

I know Dele, who works on Pade and he has contributed some 3rd party community plugins:

For some reason he has been reluctant to make contributions to the core repo, but since the code is already there, it shouldn't be too much work to merge it into core.

@jcbrand is there a good/modern desktop client that supports OMEMO?

@povoq @jcbrand Dino looks nice, if a bit alien under KDE. Cool

@JC Brand damn call me blind but I didnt know community plugins existed in one repo. Great.

@{} check its a great desktop client.
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