Is there any plan for mastodon to include an Edit button? Like, allow me to change 2 letters in a post submitted less than 2 minutes ago seems reasonable!

@hugo Yes, there's "delete & redraft". You cannot "edit" something that is sent around a p2p network just like that. But you can indicate that you want it deleted.

@raucao let's disagree on the meaning of "cannot" ;-)

(more complex than with a centralized network-sure)


@raucao I don't see what's so fundamentally different on a tech level btwn sending a message to change X to Y where Y means "deleted" and sending a message to change X to Z.


seems to confirm, to me, this is not impossible on a fundamental level - just, there are no plans to implement this (which is ok, I was just asking)

@hugo I never said it's impossible. You asked how to do it, and I told you. I also added a comment about why it's not "edit", but "delete & redraft". I'm sorry you thought I wanted to discuss this in any way.

@raucao no, sorry - my intention was not to imply you said it was impossible.

But I don't see the fundamental difference between delete and edit in the decentralized context. And the issue referenced seems to point in that direction.

(Now, of course, implementation is probably a bit more work for edit than delete)

@raucao I don't particularly want to discuss this - just wanted to know if there were any plans for it 🙂

and apparently, there aren't any. But really it doesn't seem to be "because p2p" (to say it shortly)

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