So I don't go reinventing any wheels; if I wanted a minimal ActivityPub gateway between a mostly-static blog, and the Fediverse, are there (self hosted) tools that handle the plumbing?

To phrase it differently, I'd like something that can talk to the Fediverse, but isn't responsible for the user interface, presentation or data storage.

I'm not even sure this makes sense, but it doesn't hurt to ask.

@hugo @HerraBRE Yes, I use this on my static blog (generated with Hugo). You can see an example here if you scroll down: It is basically a little bit of JS and PHP which searched my Mastodon account for the URL and then fetches all likes, re-shares and replies. With a little bit more work you could probably also integrate a "add comment" feature more tightly but for me the current state was "good enough" so far. The code can be found here

@hugo @HerraBRE ... I use only the Mastodon API for it, it is no ActivityPub involved at all. So maybe not exactly what you are looking for. For me it was a pragmatic way to solve my problem which I defined as "get a social component on my otherwise static blog and don't use any central service but do it in a way which is also some advertisement for the fediverse"

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