@piks3l I prefer #Emacs because:

- I can use nearly only #Emacs (mail, IRC, jabber, …)
- I use emacs-server to be able to reconnect to my IRC sessions, mail, jabber, … through an SSH connection (no need for GUI)
- I use #TrampMode (Transparent Remote Access, Multiple Protocols) to edit files remotely without having to install anything on remote mahines
- I use #OrgMode to manage #TODO, documentation and authoring system (I plan to export a website / blog when I'll have something to say 😉 )

@DaD @piks3l emacs write room mode is way better than anything vim had - last time I checked - for focusing on writing and nothing else.

@DaD @piks3l however I really like vim's modal way. You can get that by using Evil mode on Emacs

@DaD @piks3l I wished Emacs' markdown mode were better though... It really sucks in my experience. Also, spell checking - never got it to work efficiently on Emacs....

@hugo for me, no authoring mode is as advanced and usefull than #OrgMode.

So I always use #OrgMode and export when necessary 😉

(cc @piks3l)


@DaD no thanks. Org mode has nice stuff but a lot feels too much NIH-syndrome and not UNIX like (do only 1 thing and do it well)

@DaD @hugo I don't use it for writing - but for organising it does some things really well

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