looks like we got some sexy new users on mxyz

yes these posts do go all the way up to the top, about 70 instances of spam before you get to something else

@MrJimmy I noticed it flooding the local timeline last night. Blocked the three accounts, but noticed them again today and blocked those 3 accounts as well. I reported them but I don't think anything's been done about it yet.

yeah, i'm sure that our mods are just busy, it'll get done eventually, i reported too

hopefully whoever made these stops at 3


@MrJimmy @claudiom these accounts were suspended. we still need further investigation to identify and prevent these accounts from coming again and again.

They look like some spam we had a few months ago where a thousand accounts were suspended in a few hours.

@TheKinrar Thanks for the heads up! BTW, a bunch more just appeared on the timeline. @MrJimmy

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