Microsoft Edge engineer describes how Google sabotaged Edge browser performance via constant code changes to its services.

Also remember a while back a scandal about YouTube breaking in Firefox via similar tactics. That monopoly charge can't come faster.

@SebU @notabene AFAIK the transparent div was to help with keyboard input in IE and some other players are doing it as well.

@SebU the Firefox stuff is STILL going. YouTube classic (enables the old design that isn't broken) is still one of my first extensions I install on #Firefox / Firefox based browsers

Wow, this is an important point of view. We need to share that to as many people as possible.

@SebU 🙄can we ditch these assholes yet? *browses Peertube*

@SebU I have no sympathy for people that develop proprietary programs, but FFS, there needs to more browser's than Google Chrome, Chromium, Edge (now using Chromium), Brave (Chromium), Iridium (Chromium), etc, etc. Google will own the world if this kind of shit doesn't stop.

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