Next Tuesday 7 at 10 CEST we have organized a webinar on community building for projects. Our project mentor @how will join Johanna-Mai Riismaa of Zelos to share experiences and talk about community engagement. Don't worry if you are not funded by us: the webinar is freely accessible :) Just join the BigBlueButton-room coming Tuesday at 10 in the morning (CEST). We will share a link here soon, the page should be up shortly (check out and look for events).

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@how As promised, here is the link! -> All the relevant info needed on this freely accessible webinar next Tuesday (Sep 7 at 10 CEST) about open source community building and engagement. Intended for projects funded by @NGIZero, but of course free to join for everybody! Also, no registration needed, just join the BigBlueButton-room (follow the link for the, eh, link). See you next week!

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