I want to like / , but I have nobody to test the app with, even if I did, contacts have to be added in person, the app warns me it will expire and delete all my data in a couple of weeks anyway, and I can't find any details about their protocol, aside from the app source itself...

And yet, it already has built in blogs and forums and who knows what else!

Very cathedral. Users? Who needs users! It's not ready yet!

I shouldn't throw stones, my house is made of glass.

Note to self: Remember to mention and and all the other alternatives any time I toot about WhatsApp's relationship with .

Otherwise the entire Fediverse will try to "help me" by promoting their favourite alternative... ๐Ÿ˜›

I wish were out of beta. It's the only one that is actually radically decentralized!

Next on my test plan is actually Delta Chat (delta.chat/). It's based on e-mail and , so it should play nice with .

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@HerraBRE ooh Delta looks fun - and reading the docs lead me to Autocrypt, and thus to the fact that K9mail has Autocrypt support. I'll have to try it :)

@HerraBRE Briar looks mediocre and you have to meet people in person for it (ew).

Signal requires your phone number

The rest are all centralized

So just wait for my upcoming project P:

@HerraBRE Oh yeah that too

In like two months come back and I'll probably have a working client for voxCrypt for you to try

@HerraBRE instead of WhatsApp you could consider using Signal or Wire. Or, Briar, once it's out of beta!

@rysiek Thanks, I hadn't thought of that!

But I think you've overlooked one thing. I should probably just use Signal? Or Wire or Briar once it's out of Beta?

@HerraBRE yeah, or Briar -- once it's out of beta, of course.

In the meantime, try Signal or Wire.

@HerraBRE Delta chat is a cool idea. The Android UI is really ugly unfortunately. And it also seems to always run in the background.

@wakingrufus I haven't tried it yet, interesting points!

My guess is the always-on nature of it is required if you want notifications as soon as you get a new message; arbitrary IMAP servers don't know how to send Android push notifications. The approach has its limitations.

@wakingrufus @herrabre What's ugly about it? It looks just like WhatsApp.

If it doesn't run, how can it provide instant messaging?

@clacke @HerraBRE
There is no dark theme, and the default chat background is an ugly wallpaper. There should be a way to toggle off the always on to get rid of that annoying persistent notification, and to save battery.

@herrabre #deltachat is an awesome idea. I've tried it out a little bit with one other person who was willing to install it. :-D

As a matter of fact, I use DC just as a mail client in parallel with my full-featured one. It works great for reading a quick view of the mail, and then if I need more context or if I want to reply I go full email. The best thing about DC as a mail client is that it puts all mail from one sender into one convo, so if I get 128 GS notifications, that only takes up one spot in the list when I open the app.

Are you saying DC's encryption scheme isn't DC-specific, and that #mailpile supports it? That's awesome. TOFU crypto model best crypto model.

@clacke doesn't support yet, but it's on my "oh shit I better finish this in the next couple of months" list.


> I wish #Briar were out of beta. It's the only one that is actually radically decentralized!

#tox https://tox.chat/
#ring https://ring.cx/

@clacke Thanks for those links!

I knew about Tox, but haven't looked at it closely yet.

Ring looks really interesting for voice/video... and now I fell down a rabbit hole of reading up on WebRTC technicalities. Help!


@HerraBRE OMG. delta.chat is exactly a project idea I had some time ago.

I've just installed it, and it's everything I thought it would be. Incredible.

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