@David Hi, converting Twitter @ mentions to a fake activitypub.actor profile seems to be a new feature.
I have mixed feelings about that: On the one hand that makes crossposts less ugly.
But it also creates false expectations for users just scrolling through: As :mastodon: only displays the loacl part of the user name, people expect that the mentioned accounts are actually active on the fediverse and will get that mention. Same if replying to that post.

Just wanted to leave some feedback

@schmittlauch Thanks for the feedback! Yep, I would prefer Mastodon to display the domain, but I can't do anything for it. I try to clearly set the actor as "Service" (displayed "bot" on Mastodon), and as locked account.

@David but why not tranport the tweets of the accounts to the AP Actor? @schmittlauch

@jr @schmittlauch It may be a next feature but I didn't decided if I should handle it, due to Twitter policy.

@David mh OK where is the sourcecode? If I can I would help...

@jr framagit.org/DavidLibeau/activ but it's a "beta code" that's need to be improved in terms of portability (for the other services listed here : activitypub.actor/)

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