Please be cautious of this website, the developer is copying the content of Twitter's profiles and won't listen to me trying to explain to him that what he's doing violates copyright law, Twitter's rules, and GDPR.

What can we do, Fediverse?

The developer is @David maybe you guys would like to ask him about the service yourself

@roxy I am listening to you, and maybe planning to improve the app to fit (not the law because I still don't see where it breaks it) but your expectations. I'm doing it for you, the users. If you feel fooled by the app, I need to fix it and I will do.

@David The application shouldn't be using people's user data and profiles without permission. But, if you were to get people's permissions to display their user data there, what would be the point?

@David Like that's really what I want to know, what the point of all this is and if it's worth getting in trouble with people and the law to do it. People on here and Twitter have already said it's really suspicious/sketchy

@roxy You get me "in trouble". I think that what I am doing is fare and helpful.
The point is helping the fediverse to grow. Do you really think I am doing for what?

@David you *think* you're being helpful, but you're just doing something creepy, unwanted, and quite possibly illegal. Either come to terms with that now and stop or refuse and face consequences (legal, social, or otherwise) later.

@starseeker But I am not refusing anything. I here all the critisms, reply to it to better understand them, and will act for them.

@David nobody's saying "hey do X differently." They're saying "hey don't do X."

@David @starseeker the simple solution to this is to make it opt in, and not opt-out. it's literally that simple. do not scrape data of people who have not asked you to.

@David @starseeker and as an instance admin who has looked into the privacy laws around data use and storage for our own self-protection, i can tell you firsthand that a service like this that is not opt-in is absolutely going to violate GDPR, and likely laws in other countries as well

@masanbol But what about all the search engines? I mean, I am not doing more than a search engine (if not less).

@David search engines have explicit safe harbor protections (in the US) that they have to register to obtain. in the EU, search engines have repeatedly paid big fines for data misuse, and that was *before* GDPR.

@masanbol For the EU, I never heard of Qwant having fines. Do you have any references/sources?

@masanbol I am french and that Google fine from the CNIL is not about the search engine part but about account and data stuff.

@David both of which you are sampling in your service? creating a dummy twitter account object in activitypub complete with profile picture, header, and basic profile information, goes way beyond a "search engine" - you've made a copy of that object to the viewer, however you've decided to accomplish that on the backend

@David the key here is that it must, must be opt-in, or you will run afoul of both the law and the wider fediverse, who have historically taken a pretty hard stance against data scraping without consent.

@masanbol I will do it, not because of the law that I don't break (or I don't see where I break it). The "wider fediverse" is a bullying argument. :/

@David do you think that matters to someone who sees @masanbol and wonders why someone has created a bot impersonating them without asking first?

@masanbol It's not a bot. It's an ActivityPub actor describe as "Service".
But yes, if you feel fooled, I need to fix the service

@David fixing it in this case means making it so that object i just linked could never be created unless i asked it to be. if you do that much, no one will care how you set it up and will happily use it if they want to.

@masanbol I can create an empty Actor with any string given. This is basically a link.

@David @masanbol if it's basically a link then why not just redirect all mentions directly to the external web profile? the presence of "" is superfluous when you could link directly to


@trwnh @masanbol You can't create a mention

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