ah good, it's 10am, time to reboot our router because it's decided to switch to dialup speeds

@007 this is ISP supplied so honestly it's been time for an upgrade from day one

just haven't had the energy or money spare to do it

@007 though this particular thing is a new development as of about a couple weeks ago or so - literally every morning this past week it shits itself, drops all connections and then goes in slow motion until rebooted

@007 I'm not even sure if an upgrade would help because they still require you to use their device as a cable modem and if the issue's on that end, welp

@007 might call Virgin and whine at them, see if they'll send us a new router and/or maybe let us switch to a new bundle which would save like £40-50 a month too

@TheEnbyperor @007 IIRC Virgin lock the connection to the modem's MAC address so I'd have to jump through a bunch of bureaucratic hoops with them to use another

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