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For would anybody be interested in being a scribe for my talk? Just somebody to write what is being said as we can't provide closed captioning.

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Reminder: Springer has released a lot of digital textbooks for free in the last few months, and their special offer is ending on July 31st. There is no need to sign up to download the PDF and ePub files.

This lovely page has the full list of available titles:

I don't know who needs to hear this but having youtube, facebook, twitter, and mastodon blocked on my work computer has really helped me a lot.

No one should use a trained model without knowing in pretty great detail what data it was trained on.

@ksteimel I notice you are giving a talk at ! very nice!

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@SuricrasiaOnline replace business-focused skyscrapers with multistory community aeroponic gardens, supplemented with aquaponics on the first few floors.

regular re-testing for driver's licenses

free public transit with taxi-equivalent service rolled in

get freeways as far out of cities as possible and use the cleared land for housing again

restructure surface streets to maximize usage by pedestrians and bicycles

solar panels on every roof, powerwall-style batteries in every building

I want something that's like a mix of syncthing and zotero for my papers. I don't know why I can't just keep a nice index of my papers without for some reason needing multiple copies of papers inside zotero itself!

Machine Learning for Programming Languages workshop streaming now!

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Oh dear. Yup. Second graph actual data from California.

Rational expectations is utterly dead to me. #coronavirus #doh #whatdidwethinkwouldhappen

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Scenes from CHOP (Capitol Hill Occupied Protest) aka CHAZ, where Black Lives Matter and folx are just trying to be and do in a couple-six blocks free of police, and (hopefully) prejudice.

Talk about robot ethics is largely a cover for not thinking human rights and ethics in general

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A Sequential Design Approach For Calibrating A Dynamic Population Growth Model -

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Things to do besides burning shit 

Start a:
Community garden

Coop business so the workers own the means of production

Community/nonprofit/free bike shop, grocery store, clothing store, computer store

Lending library of tools

Mutual Aid group for people in your building/block/neighborhood

Free skill-share university

Join Food Not Bombs and hand out free food to people

Appoint yourself anarchist garbage collector and pick up trash

Make puppets

Start a compost post pile for your building

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What are people's favourite electric bikes?

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I know people give Zoom shit, but show me a solution/tutorial that allows 30 people to do video conferencing and I'll start recommending it. Jitsi in default configuration barely handles 8.

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