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KiezPilz, our mycology collective in berlin, has been forced to leave our community lab where we've been cultivating fungi for the past two years after a new landlord purchased the building and is asking for three times the rent.

If you know any spaces in berlin that might have space for our project or want to collaborate, feel free to share this post or send a message 🌱

@micahflee There is always mastodon.online or really many other servers.

@halcy @SuricrasiaOnline

I missed 2002-2003 era kuro5hin. Before the trolls ruined it. I learned so much from those articles.


So that's kinda what should happen but I feel on many ways Guix/Nix are their own form of NIH since all these Nix files need to be made for everything!

Also in nix it's not as smooth to move between versions of a language as something like nvm, so these tools will always have an audience

I feel like every language should come with tooling to upgrade the version of the language. Right now I use external tools like pyenv, n/nvm, stack, etc. It really should just be built-in.

Only Go and Rust are painless enough to upgrade that they don't feel like they need it.

Turns out program synthesis works better if you jointly learn a library of functions and abstractions


I love connections between optimisation and dynamical systems. I think the bridge offers so much insight

Link is a discussion on how to stabilise GANs using a prediction term that acts like a dampener if the optimisation is viewed as an ODE.



Let me check it out! I kinda want something like autopandas

One day I will fully master pandas, but damn that won't be this month.


Oh yea. What's fascinating to me is how programmable they are? Like making a something interactive is really easy

Podcasting question, pandemic mention 


Yep! It's like radio where there are ad-breaks annotated into the recording.

pandoc question 


So for pure command-line stuff you can do tex.stackexchange.com/a/298385

But that's a direct biblio, if you want something annotated you probably need something custom

pandoc question 


Yes. I have some haskell code to do this, but there might be a simpler way.

@lawremipsum @firewally

There has to be a Hawaii-centric instance right?

I'm so tired. How do people manage to work so hard every day? Are you all on simulants?

For anyone exploring Haskell, never use Template Haskell and never use any library written by Michael Snoyman. Don't use lens either. This will save you many hours of pain.

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