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Would anybody have any interest in me tooting out cool papers, preprints, preprints?

Seriously any socialists out there well-versed in the theory that got bandwidth for a chat?

I sometimes wish there were spaces for liberals to talk to Marxists and communists. More tutorial than debate. I have so many questions about democratic centralism.

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using the phonetic VAE to interpolate between US state names in a grid

Does anybody actually know tikz or is it all cut-pasting from each other?

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Hmm it appears that I deleted this from my .social for some reason so I’m going to post it here for posterity.

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I get my car back tomorrow, I'm pretty sure

if anybody in the los angeles-ish area knows anyone who sells painkillers, for the good of my tooth pain, please hmu

That wonderful moment where you get paid in multiple currencies but need to pay bills in different currencies still. Why yes this is an optimal transport problem why do you ask?

I'm fascinated by the probabilistic numerics community realizing that their field was kickstarted in 1969,

One day someone is going to figure out how to do theoretical statistics proofs in Coq or Isabelle or whatever, and I want to meet that person when they appear on the scene.

Causality is this little field that I think could potentially really come into vogue in the coming years. This is a great set of links to get started with

When your computer algebra system starts spitting out Lambert W functions it's time to catch your breath and try a new approach.

Hey people! what's your favourite distribution?

Socialists should really make it a point to be super-fluent in economics. Nothing pisses off ancaps like actually understanding how markets work.

So is it the Gulf Stream or the Jet Stream that explains why Britain isn't a frozen land

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Chekov's equation: any notation introduced, must be used!

While deep models are still the hot thing, I massively respect a system that outputs risk scores like

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