OK, I'm not sure really how to ; but I'm probably going to be using @zee for my primary experience with sub-accounts for groups where the local stream is hella great?

If you're following me you may want to follow @zee instead; since it'll have more activity. Will boost things to this locale when it feels appropriate?

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#capitalism, #finance 

Compensation and cash flow and #finance in a #coop seems to be a hard problem. While ideally we would all be free from capitalism, making ends meet within the system is still important.

How do you balance the health of your #coop while making ends meet for you and your partners?

I made some homemade mozzarella today! Not my best work but I’m excited to try again!

Apparently I have 3 days of music in my library I haven’t even listened too. Time to start filtering it down!

Yay! @suzan joined! Now I have *two* IRL friends on the mastodon!

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Just when I thought it could be good to go to bed... I got a brilliant idea!

You may have heard about #Resonate (resonate.is/), a cooperative music streaming platform.

Now, I want a similar service, but for ebooks and audiobooks.

Of course, I can't code, I can only have visions. But I'm a member of a publishing coop, so we might already have one content provider already!

So how about it, who's in?


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