a craft services company called "that's a wrap" that only has wraps and only caters on the last day of a shoot

theory: every time a tree falls in the forest and nobody is around to hear it, it sounds like the coolest fuckin bass solo in the universe

feel very distracted today. should not have had coffee oh no

started hyper light drifter last night. it looks really lovely and the combat has been super satisfying so far.

i'm more positive about the game's visual storytelling than negative about its obliqueness so far, but it has led me to accidentally buy an upgrade i didn't really want. the impressionistic storytelling seems to lend itself to streaming, because it allows a certain amount of narration to be done by the streamer (i've never streamed before but this game might compel me to).

how do i get involved in the games industry without having either art or programming skills? twine i guess?

14 days into syncing dailies on a feature film and idk if i can do this garbage for a living

gonna become a Spore speed runner wish me luck

been sharing silly putty with my boss. is this bad praxis?

i wonder what i'd be like if i was not tired. i don't think i've been not tired in 9 years.

$450 t-shirt with "late capitalism" printed on it in helvetica

syncing footage for a movie at work today

been thinking a lot about death recently. i think i'd feel better about death if i knew for certain that i would be dried into boy jerky and used as a puppet in a children's show that will run for >100 episodes

the whole world is a bag of doritos and god is the kind of guy who likes to crush the chips up before pouring the resulting dust into his upturned mouth, licking his lips, turning his smug face toward the camera, and whispering "cool ranch, nectar of the gods"

<18: teen
19-22: ???? requires additional research funding
23-29(?): "adult"
30-32: normal human adult
>33: ?!

finding that i'm increasingly into emo music as i am becoming an "adult"?(!?)

can someone do a podcast in which the format/contents of the podcast are determined by the hosts voting on audience suggested format/content rules/restrictions? if a rule gets a majority vote, it is implemented.

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