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Dans environ 30 min, pour parler de diversité de genre dans le logiciel libre:

RT @frederic: Et ce mardi à 15h30, il sera de nouveau question de diversité de genre dans le logiciel libre avec Isabelle Collet et @zacchiro

C'est ma collègue Isabella Vanni qui animera l'échange.

A écouter en direct sur ou en podcast.

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Congrats to my (former!) student Antoine Pietri who has just received the GdrGPL prize for best PhD thesis in in France in 2021 for his large-scale empirical work on (titled: "Organizing the graph of public software development for large-scale mining").

Full announcement at:

« Une étude révèle que ces douze dernières années, la proportion des femmes dans la production de logiciels libres a augmenté régulièrement dans le monde entier pour atteindre environ 10% de contributrices actives sur la planète » Il reste du boulot.

Annonce de l'étude de @zacchiro

On en parlera avec lui, et avec Isabelle Collet, dans l'émission « Libre à vous ! » de @aprilorg le 14 juin 2022

Le pôle logiciels libres de la Direction interministérielle du numérique (DINUM) recrute un·e chargé·e de « communautés et de contributions logiciels libres » (CDD de 2 ans, Paris)

Date limite de candidature : 02/07/2022

Storing the entire archive on DNA? Maybe soon thanks to project, led by with our participation as use case partner (about large-scale archival of course!)

« Le pillage de la communauté des logiciels libres » (Jan. 2022)

Chouette article co-écrit notamment par @zacchiro pour @mdiplo qui donne à réfléchir sur le rôle des GAFAM comme « membres » de la « communauté » du logiciel libre.

The is available as a portable Postgres database dump and released as . To learn more about the dataset, checkout the of the paper at:

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The helps making in reproducible and independently verifiable, as opposed to what happens when they are conducted using 3rd-party and non-open scholarly indexing services (*cough* Google Scholar *cough*).

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The serves use cases in the field of , allowing to introspect the output of research even when access to papers or scholarly search engines is not possible (e.g., due to contractual reasons).

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The includes bibliographic info and indexed n-grams (sequence of contiguous words after removal of stopwords and non-words, for a total of ~0.5 billion unique n-grams) with length 1 to 5 for 44'581 papers retrieved from 34 venues over the 1971–2020 period.

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We introduce the of Papers, a of fulltext-indexed papers from the most prominent scientific venues in the field of Software Engineering.

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My last paper at @msrconf this year, co-authored with @ZeinabAbouKha and presented by her on Tuesday, is « The of Papers », inspired by @carlmalamud's General Index. Brief thread below with preprint link at the end.

To learn more about this work check-out the of the paper at or, if you are at , come and talk to me (in person, go figure) at a coffee break!

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We also identified (correlation with) relevant historical shifts related to the UNIX wars, the increase of coding literacy in Central and South Asia, and broader phenomena like colonialism and people movement across countries (immigration/emigration).

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We found evidence of the early dominance of North America in free/#opensource software, later joined by Europe. After that period, the geographic in public code has been constantly increasing.

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We geolocated developers to 12 world regions derived from the United Nation geoscheme, using as signals email top-level domains, author names compared with names distributions around the world, and UTC offsets mined from commit metadata.

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We have conducted a large-scale longitudinal study over 50 years (1971-2021) of the population of 43 million committers to 160 million public VCS repositories as archived by @swheritage (analogous to the population I previously studied in ).

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Next up in my @icseconf+@msrconf trip: tomorrow I'll present at the paper « Geographic in Public Code Contributions », joint work with D. Rossi from @unibo. Brief thread with preprint link at the end.

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