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goal achieved: ran 1100 km in the past 12 months. Now shooting for a well-rounded 1200 km ! 🏃

Salve @lafeltrinelli, ho acquistato un ebook da voi che *non* indica "Adobe " nel formato. Ma ADE richiede comunque di autorizzare la copia quando apro il file .acsm, cosa mi sfugge? Come posso ottenere il file .epub del libro che ho acquistato? Grazie

Mi ha accompagnato per vent'anni. Comincio ora l'ultimo. In tutti i sensi.

Non risultano smentite di questa intervista del Guardian a . Risulta invece che il @Corriere, nella persona di @vpiccolillo, se ne sia inventate due, mentre il giornale tace. Poi lamentiamoci che i giornali italiani colano a picco eh.

hey, @Paris, what are you waiting for for joining the Cities for Coalition ? (I'll check back tomorrow, thanks! :-))

it was a great pleasure for me presenting @swheritage to fellow hackers at @teamdigitaleIT, followed by one of the most intense Q&A about the project ever :-)
slides are now available here:
ciao e a presto !

Finite State assessment of firmwares
Just read the 2-page key findings (and then go hide under a blanket, shivering).

"Digital " by Evgeny Morozov (now freely available) is a fundamental, if not even foundational, read on developing a political agenda for the era of "". Absolutely recommended.

voice in the distance: what are you doing?
me: a BFS visit on a 170 billion nodes graph
voice again: ah, ok then

our article « The @swheritage graph dataset: public software development under one roof » is now available from the ACM Digital Library (a non paywalled preprint can be found on my homepage)

"The main purpose of intellectual property law is to encourage the creation of a wide variety of intellectual goods." they said…
: « Public domain: Who owns Sherlock Holmes? » via @TheEconomist

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