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our article « The @swheritage graph dataset: public software development under one roof » is now available from the ACM Digital Library (a non paywalled preprint can be found on my homepage)

"The main purpose of intellectual property law is to encourage the creation of a wide variety of intellectual goods." they said…
: « Public domain: Who owns Sherlock Holmes? » via @TheEconomist

with @swheritage we just crossed the threshold of 6B unique source code files archived

Dear , what's the largest instance you know, in terms of hosted repositories?

The standing champion is , but I'm confident there are larger instances out there…

"Fiscal Money Can Make or Break the Euro" by Yanis Varoufakis @ProSyn

The project, presented by @zacchiro, is a huge effort to preserve #FreeSoftware for the future, “we have seen commercial software forges come and go, don’t assume your developments will be preserved forever” #SRCONF19

at , @MarioCampolargo pitches free/open source software as one of the key ingredients for the digital transformation of European public administrations: « think digital, think open »

at , to discuss how @swheritage ties in digital transformation for European public administrations

if you're at and would like to chat about the largest publicly accessible source code archive in the world—that is, @swheritage—come and talk to me !

Evgeny Morozov: « Socialize the Data Centres ! » (an oldie that I've found only now, but which is still terribly relevant. Surprising, right?)

It's 2019 and on an oversea @airfrance : there's no power plug of any kind, I can't use my own headphones and the entertainment system has a wire-connected "remote".

CDG→YUL, where we will present at the first public dataset encompassing the entire @SWHeritage graph. Preprint at

It's 2019 and I still find "professional" wi-fi networks that blocks outbound connections.
IOW, with this ~/.ssh/config snippet keeps making my days:

Host *.tor
ProxyCommand socat STDIO SOCKS4A:$(basename %h .tor):%p,socksport=9050

«È una scelta politica […] non potevamo permettere che certe ideologie entrassero in un Salone fortemente orientato ai temi dell'antifascismo» Ecco, appunto, ci voleva tanto? lasciando da parte leggi e tribunali.

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