Thrilled about the news of the launch of this new diamond and community-driven journal for theoretical : The board is impressive. It will make more than a dent in the scientific publications monopoly in the field.

This is it for my live coverage of the event at @UNESCO for the 5-year anniversary of @swheritage.

If you like what we do, consider participating to our fundraising, we are looking for our first 100 donors before end of the year!

check out the amazing portal of French public sector published source code by @_DINUM (integrated with @swheritage of course!)

Bastien Guerry at « @_DINUM is looking into contributing [code] to the development of @swheritage and we encourage other public administrations to do the same »

Bastien Guerry at « @_DINUM supports @SWHeritage because we publish open source code via a variety of software forges and we want to ensure its availability »

Keith Bergelt at « we would like to make @swheritage [content-]searchable and use it as a prior art database to defend against software patent aggression »

Keith Bergelt at « to enable patent protection for free/#opensource software developers, we need a permanent record for every bit of code »

Keith Bergelt at « Open Innovation Network came to @SWHeritage, because if it didn't exist, we had to create it »

.@marindacos at " is [also] a matter of principle: it's public money investment whose results should go back to the public" (echoing public money public code!

P Oti-Boateng at : « when software is used in research, it should be made available to the research community and to the public »

JF Gerbeau at : "open access and open data are necessary for scientific reproducibility, but are not enough: software [source code] is also needed"

.@TawfikJelassi announces at that @UNESCO and @Inria have renewed their collaboration agreement to support @SWHeritage for the next 4 years

.@TawfikJelassi at : "in my first meeting with @rdicosmo we talked about my first programs in binary language". Geeks are everywhere!

.@TawfikJelassi at : "software is an unique type of object that constitutes the foundation of our digital society"

Ass. Director General of UNESCO @TawfikJelassi: "@swheritage is a major archive to enable our digital future"

.@SWHeritage is the largest publicly available archive of software source code in the world

.@swheritage's mission is to collect, preserve forever, and make publicly available the entire body of software, in the preferred form for making modifications to it

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