It's 2019 and I still find "professional" wi-fi networks that blocks outbound connections.
IOW, with this ~/.ssh/config snippet keeps making my days:

Host *.tor
ProxyCommand socat STDIO SOCKS4A:$(basename %h .tor):%p,socksport=9050

«È una scelta politica […] non potevamo permettere che certe ideologie entrassero in un Salone fortemente orientato ai temi dell'antifascismo» Ecco, appunto, ci voleva tanto? lasciando da parte leggi e tribunali.

Observing the memory/CPU/disk usage patterns of sorting a ~7 TB file is hypnotizing.

Government Technology Policy, Social Value, and National Competitiveness @SSRN ← « examines the impact of a change in France’s technology procurement policy that required government agencies to favor open source software (OSS) over proprietary software »

« Come fare informazione con una newsletter (e vivere felici) » by @carolafrediani

"Season finale" for my master class at @Univ_Paris. Invited speaker is @bzg2 talking about Free Software use in the French public administration.

With Vice, my Americans friends now have their own Il Divo.

« What nobody tells you about » ← very good taxonomy on different kind of documentation material in this talk

un ottimo Guido Scorza: « Copyright, perché i veri sconfitti della riforma sono i cittadini (e non i giganti del web) » via @fattoquotidiano

That is, use this kind of situations as an *opportunity* to explain to users the problem with non-free firmware and empower them with making a reasoned choice.

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