tfw you read cool stuff in a scientific paper and only at the end you realize the author is working next-door

era inevitabile, ora cominciano pure a prenderci per il culo su @lemondefr (e giustamente!) per gli effetti perversi dell'
« Recherche scientifique : le faux miracle italien » cc: @redazione_roars

« “Move fast and break things” is an abomination if your goal is to create a healthy society. »
Facing the Great Reckoning Head-On by @zephoria

one of the best summary/reflection on the gate « A reflection on the departure of » by Thomas Bushnell, BSG

this is a good day for Free Software; tough one too, but good

This tweet raised an interesting discussion on companies vs non-profits for #openaccess support, and on long-term sustainability for them all.
RT a web service to register research protocols

«Italy became the European country with the highest inwardness. […] observed trends are strongly suggestive of a generalized strategic use of citations, […] self-citations and citation clubs» Who would've guessed, right?

My team is hiring: -based researcher wanted to analyze the archive at scale, for several use cases revolving around software provenance tracking. Learn more at:

This is the logical and unavoidable consequence of forcing academia to live on raised private funds. « The MIT Media Lab has long been academia’s fanciest glue trap for morally vacuous rich people—people like Jeffrey Epstein. » via @slate

Well, this happened.
« Free software advocate Richard Stallman spoke at Microsoft Research this week » via @ZDNet & @maryjofoley

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