That is, use this kind of situations as an *opportunity* to explain to users the problem with non-free firmware and empower them with making a reasoned choice.

« Install Fests: What to Do about the Deal with the Devil » ← I'm glad of this new piece by RMS. It's the "thick red line argument" I made at 2013 (slide 13).

We welcome @sylvestreledru today in my master class at Paris Diderot. Talking about Mozilla, Firefox, Quantum and FOSS business.

We welcome @cedricth from @ow2 as guest lecturer for my master class at @parisdiderot. Topic: "How is changing the software industry".

New personal best @semiparis: 1h45m51s. Amazing weather, if not for the heavy contrary wind in the last 5k... Thanks .

finished reading @petersagal's incomplete book about 3 days before running @SemiParis — nice coincidence ! (and the book is good)

la solita figura da cioccolatai: « Stangata dell’Agenzia delle Entrate ai “cervelli di ritorno”, è polemica » via @repubblica

@ilpianista i've already commented on that :) but anyway, the answer is there for anyone who needs it now !

@lufthans nah, it was just a temporary glitch, it's fixed now

@ilpianista read the job description in full, it contains an explicit answer to your question 😉

My team is hiring a senior engineer to work on @SWHeritage. Challenges abound, it's for the greater good, and it's all . Learn more at

On a train from Paris to Genève. No wifi service. Are you freaking kidding me, ?

Tonight's nightmare was about fucking up a repository in a very specific way, I can vividly remember the CLI and the cwd that led to repo corruption. Doctor, what's wrong with me?

bel progetto che ho appena supportato, vi invito a fare lo stesso !
Supports Wu Ming 2 & Contradamerla - "Surgelati" @betapdb

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