Mi ha accompagnato per vent'anni. Comincio ora l'ultimo. In tutti i sensi.

"Season finale" for my master class at @Univ_Paris. Invited speaker is @bzg2 talking about Free Software use in the French public administration.

We welcome @sylvestreledru today in my master class at Paris Diderot. Talking about Mozilla, Firefox, Quantum and FOSS business.

We welcome @cedricth from @ow2 as guest lecturer for my master class at @parisdiderot. Topic: "How is changing the software industry".

New personal best @semiparis: 1h45m51s. Amazing weather, if not for the heavy contrary wind in the last 5k... Thanks .

At Angelo is presenting our paper "Spacetime Characterization of Real-Time Collaborative Editing". Preprint available on my homepage. cc: @gdazero

Great concert by @LucianoChessa in Paris. Now playing guitar with an electric toothbrush - what else?

Au musée du @lecnam ils préservent la mémoire historique d'un passé lointain quand le service @velib marchait à @paris. Bravo!

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