Very balanced take on the debate:
I do not agree with all of it, but I can get behind the criticism of specific passages in the open letter and the judgment on the fitness for leadership of rms is shared.

@zacchiro have you read the one from a prior female president of the American civil liberties union ?
IMO his resignation in 2019 is a disgrace to clear thinking and our FOSS movement, cancelling him in a time of emotional turmoil and proven falsities and smears. Many articles and statements do not even have the humility to correct themselves siting vague feelings.

we should be getting to the bottom of the inflammatory slander and lies before we make new decisions.

@twotwenty I've already commented with others here that the news reporting at the time of his first resignation was, err, "suboptimal" (to put it mildly). But I think that at the time that resulted in a good result for the Free Software movement, for the *bad* reasons. So it's beyond me why the FSF board wanted to go back to the previous situation.

have you read this article its post 2019 but prior to libreplanet 1 year.

She is a community leader that represented Stallman and let him stay with her family and children.

Just because you don't want him to lead doesn't mean he isn't inspiring people that seek his leadership. that is why there needs to be many organizations that are as diverse as the people the represent no leader can be everything to everyone (only superficially).

@zacchiro I really do not mean any disrespect because you are also an important leader and I respect your contributions.


@twotwenty no worries, I didn't perceive any disrespect in previous messages and I thank you for your feedback on this matter !

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@zacchiro Also sorry for continuing about that subject.

Hey have you seen the presentation The Art of Code - Dylan Beattie? wow thats fun and inspirational

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