Very balanced take on the debate:
I do not agree with all of it, but I can get behind the criticism of specific passages in the open letter and the judgment on the fitness for leadership of rms is shared.


I've read that article, but I'm not gonna engage in a debate around individuals who think "he is fine" or vice-versa. Sorry.

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And, to be clear, I don't think any of this should get in the way of people who care about free software collaborating together to achieve a world in which all computer users should be able to do any computation they care about using only free software. I think we can (and should) all work together in spite of what we think of rms as a leader.

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@zacchiro I agree, we all care about FOSS as a common goal.. you shouldnt ignore many have lost faith in others judgment on all sides of the debate. I know you do not agree with me totally but the following is a deeply seeded feeling in my peers. eg. I have a really hard time rationalizing how an organization like the EFF(lawyers and logicians) can file a statement linking to the salemg article medium blog riddled in lies rather then use only solid facts or distance themselves from slander.

@zacchiro Well, as long as they're not harassing or belittling people.

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