We call for the @fsf Board to resign in light of the recent reinstatement of .

@zacchiro I like the email gogodigitalautonomy - at - this is silly :D @fsf

@juliank i'm not myself behind that address, but point taken :)

@zacchiro Right, I did not expect you to be behind it, I just found it hilarious.

Also, if this takes off, pull requests will be a painful mess of conflicts, so I did send an email to sign it.

@juliank yeah, my only hesitation in fixing it was precisely the risk of validating the nitpick-based approach 😛

@zacchiro read the first paragraph and stopped reading. It was a stupid joke.

@zacchiro @fsf Please take the time to read the article that led to the original resigning. Read it critically and take note where it plays for emotional reactions, and where sentences are rephrased before a quote in a way that makes the quote sound worse than what was actually said.

(I don’t intend to take part in any heated discussions about this. The article speaks for itself, and I do not want to add anything here except for what I wrote above)

@ArneBab @fsf in fact, i'm with you there. That article was questionable in many parts. The reason I'm on this is that, notwithstanding that article, RMS is making more harm than good to the Free Software movement as a leader. And the fact the FSF board appointed him *back* (which is much worse than not removing him for a long time) speak volumes as to *their* leadership.

@zacchiro @fsf I also think that strategically it isn’t a good idea to have RMS on the board. I did not work with him (so I cannot judge that), but I see that he is an easy target because he writes unpopular opinions without self-censorship.

That’s like painting a big glowing target on your back in the current times, where many people had a single, easy to misinterpret sentence in a nuanced article pulled out of context and blown up to take them down.

Times actually have changed.

@zacchiro @fsf @AbbieNormal in the examples the down points 9 to 13 don't make any point about rape or sexual assault. I think it would be stronger to leave those points out.

@zacchiro @fsf Sent a PR. I'm not the dev of any significant projects but I wanted to add my support anyways.

Whether RMS is right or wrong need not even be in the discussion. He's abusing the platform he has as the face of free software to perpetuate his personal views and to shield himself from criticism.

I find his views disgusting, but even if I didn't, I'd support this bc representing a movement means one should be responsible with their words & try their utmost to not hurt the cause.

@zacchiro I'm sorry to see your name in the hatelist as well, I respected you. Anyway thank you for this, it's nice to have an up to date list of dangerous individuals.

@zacchiro call for deez nuts to resign my load on your face retard
@cunny @zacchiro We here at Eientei support this statement and hope you do accept our user's load on your face
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