We are looking for experts of specific , formats, and development to fund in order to expand the coverage of the .

If you qualify and are interested, read on and submit an expression of interest via the form linked from this post:

@zeh @sir btw, we'd love to add coverage for to , if someone wants to help us programmatically listing all repos there (in an efficient, non hammer-y way)

@AFresh1 @stsp I did think about him when re-tooting this also from my account 😄
(Fortunatly :mastodon: is clever enough to not show multible re-toots in the same hour so may be you only saw the re-toot from this account).

@AFresh1 @mherrb @stsp I have no idea either, and I don't know him. But if he is interested, we should definitely talk! 🙂

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