We have 3 open positions in my team at this year, both tech and research. If you are passionate about the long-term preservation of Free/Open Source Software, let's talk !

Also we are several members of the SWH team to attend to #FOSDEM again this year, so feel free to catch one of us if you want to discuss what we do, and how a nice place and project it is to work for! @zacchiro

@david I'll surely pop in to say hello, feel free to do likewise by coming to the @libreoffice stand :-) @zacchiro

@paolo @libreoffice @zacchiro
The @libreoffice stand will very likely be on my path at some point 🙂

@david Well, if it's like last year you'll be on our left. See you soon. @libreoffice @zacchiro

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