« We wanted a world where we controlled our computers, but we have created a world where our computers are used to control us. It is not enough to blame the companies involved; we have helped to build this world. » from LWN's 2020 vision OP


First, link is subscriber only.

Second, your lede sounds like false equivalence.

I did not 'let' anything happen to the internet, I wrote to all the members of the Commerce Committee subcommittee which considered making the ARPANET open to commercial, for profit activities in opposition. And went to Washington, DC to lobby at Congress and NSF.

I prepared testimony for Congress on the importance of a free, open internet in 1993, 26 years ago.

@zacchiro assolutamente vero. D'altro canto, ci sono persone che vanno controllate da qualcosa, oppure fanno un sacco di danni. Il problema non e' come far cessare il controllo, il problema e' decidere chi va controllato, e chi no.
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