My team is hiring a senior engineer to work on @SWHeritage. Challenges abound, it's for the greater good, and it's all . Learn more at

@zhenech @zacchiro it requires javascript from, do you use a JS blocker?

I don't (just Firefox Focus). And by empty I meant "no job offers", not a blank page. Works now, so probably some caching issue?

@zhenech @zacchiro Yeah, with uMatrix I got a page, but no jobs listed until I allowed that other JS.

Firefox Focus is privacy oriented, so it might have blocked the JS as well

Could also be a timeout issue to a mobile network, especially if your not in EU

@lufthans nah, it was just a temporary glitch, it's fixed now

@ilpianista read the job description in full, it contains an explicit answer to your question 😉

@zacchiro well, it was just an empty page at the time of my toot...

@ilpianista i've already commented on that :) but anyway, the answer is there for anyone who needs it now !

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