The target versions of and for the next stable release are now available in debian/testing:
$ sudo apt install beancount fava
If you want to give feedback on the packaging of these great tools, this is the time !

@zacchiro Out of curiosity, do these or other plaintext accounting tools have web UIs or reports that a "normal person" would find acceptable, even if read-only?

I get confused by accounting stuff every time I try to use any of these tools. Not the fault of the tools.

@zacchiro The answer seems to be yes, there is a read-only web viewer.

@liw note however that one thing is a "good" UI (in the proper UX sense), but to really makes sense of the data in it you still need basic working knowledge of double-entry accounting

@liw if you want to play with this locally on Debian, here's a quick recipe:
- sudo apt install beancount python3-fava
- bean-example > foo.beancount
- fava foo.beancount

@yukiame @zacchiro It's a tool to do accounting (keeping track one's money) using plain text files. See for a lot of info.

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