Today, we're opening up the great library of source code
Live from @unesco headquarters in Paris.
@swheritage @rdicosmo @webmink

@zacchiro So, this is a cool thing.

But "search to browse" is a basic interaction failure. "Browse" should mean you don't need prior knowledge of content scope. Guessing what URLs might be in the dataset in order to seed the browse view is a waste of time.

@zacchiro I have time to open a ticket/FR, but not time to do free work for your organization that's soliciting donations. But thanks for the link.

@zacchiro Ah, and I see a login is required to open an FR.

@paregorios jftr the organization is a non profit which, unfortunately, needs indeed money to pay developers to write free software that further the mission of Software Heritage. That's why we collect donations

@zacchiro Understood. I wish the project all the best. I have done what I could by taking the time to open an account on the tracker and submit a feature request. Thank you for interacting with me on this issue.

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