fediverse is less weird than was. disappointing.

@yetzt I, too am still hoping for something to fill the hole of weird left by 😩

Maybe we'll see similar levels of it again 🤞

@yetzt thanks for writing that spec - if I ever have some spare energy and feel tempted I might give it an attempt 🙌

Alas it's often quite the gamble where my attention takes me in my spare time.

@mushu i've come as far as setting up a work-in-progress test instance on but i'm somewhat out of the loop on how to do frontend things these days.

@yetzt uuh, nice! Feels good just looking at it :) I think I used to scroll your soup for about a year before deciding that I could stop saving all images by just making an account myself 😅.

I'd be somewhat tempted to use Next.js with TypeScript given that I've used several parts of that stack over the last years. Also it seems somewhat helpful to not gather all parts from scratch (sticking many frontend libs together seamed to make for more complicated upgrades).

@yetzt the topic of HTML sensitization makes me think of this video if I remember correctly:

I found it quite interesting to learn that it makes sense to sanitize in the client. I don't know if it applies to the zoup spec though, because of the allow-list for tags.

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