not too much content from me right now, my skates are coming apart (and i deem my fix not safe enough to use on the track) and new skates in my size are on backorder since october.

when "investing in crypto" meant buying stock of RSA Security Inc and not whatever this is.

whats your favourite misheard lyrics? mine:

"we ain't got no ticket" ("we're not gonna take it", twisted sister)


"eyesore design" ("i saw the the sign", ace of base)

silly pun 

this pun has been stuck in my head for a while.


omnomnom: vincent vegan burger + brammibals donut = vincibals burger. 🍔 🍩

sanity pro tip: mute '' and never see the annoying spillover from the proprietarium.

new firefox broke my userchrome. again.


vegan salty caramel latte with a shot of salmiakki is not half bad. maybe more salmiakki next time.


heaven, also known as vegan apfelstrudel milkshake.

here is an idea: write a dm to yourself just to tell your mastodon admin how much you appreciate them.

who called them crypto-scammers instead of ape-pics predators.

critical infrastructure implies the existense of complacent ultrastructure.

fediverse is less weird than was. disappointing.

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