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My crossword downloading software ( has become the spaghettiest code and I would love to learn how to make it not so much that!

Don't recommend running out of memory, personally

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Is it the case that default Ubuntu installs are set up with a RAM/swap configuration such that you can just... run out? Like a lot? My last three installs have been set up this way and I don't understand it

Is there already a tool that takes a video with a subtitles file and produces a collection of one screenshot per line?

Oh, huh, I forgot to consider how link shortening would mess with that toot's text. BUT if you copy and paste it still works

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You can download the entire @pomological collection in high resolution for example with:

curl] -o POM0000#1.jpg

If you do that let me know!

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I just had an occasion to use curl's URL globbing feature and I was reminded how great and powerful it is. Highly recommended for downloading large numbers of well-ordered files!

Went back to read the code from my crossword puzzle client (`cursewords`) to see how I did something and... the whole code base is completely inscrutable to me. It was apparently written in a fugue state. I want to ship updates but it's in an alien tongue.

Changes are coming to pip, #Python's package installation tool, in October 2020. 2min20sec explanation video featuring people who work on pip:

Migration guide:

Sign up for user experience studies:

new thinkpad arriving momentarily. what operating system should i run?!?!

The plan is to get another 15% better at Python and then finally learn JS (lol)

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Got a recommendation for Effective Python. Anybody have strong feelings on that one, for or against?

I've been realizing lately that my fascination with generativity is kind of about brute-forcing aesthetics, and how that's sort of a technoutopian stance


feel like i'm missing a step here... got a bunch of houseplants over the last year and they just keep getting bigger? and i keep putting them in larger pots and they thrive there? i don't see how humans retain control of my apartment much longer

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