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feel like i'm missing a step here... got a bunch of houseplants over the last year and they just keep getting bigger? and i keep putting them in larger pots and they thrive there? i don't see how humans retain control of my apartment much longer

I think I'm actually going to submit a crossword I've constructed to an indie publisher, and it feels great

Where do I find discussions of Star Trek: Lower Decks? I personally am enjoying Star Trek: Lower Decks

cleveland lloyd dinosaur quarry billboard, route 10, after huntington, utah, 1981

shell gas station, 10th avenue & 20th street, new york city, new york, 1977

I feel much more comfortable with a list of todos, but the thing is then they're not done

In the meantime, I *have* brought over my bot posting images of roadside America from a very cool collection of 11,000 photographs by John Margolies in the Library of Congress! That's at @oldroadside

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I'm not going to port it over to the Fediverse because I feel like the video files are larger than good citizenship allows, but I'm very stoked on the recent label-finding and animation on my birdsite 78 bot

big fish supper club, horizontal view 1, route 2, bena, minnesota, 1980

BUT when I opened my notes folder to write out my long todo, I found a similar “grounding” document from 2016 of my personal goals, and while I wouldn't have guessed this, I've actually been doing pretty well on those

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When I'm feeling overwhelmed I usually find that writing out a straightforward list of the stuff I need to do helps ground me and ease some anxiety, but I just did it and this time it looks like a whole lot of work!

figured it out!! I was using os.get_terminal_size() to format the output, but when you redirect it that results in an OSError for "Inappropriate ioctl" (but I was swallowing that error for sloppy reasons)

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Yeah, hm, testing this out with a simpler script is reassuring about my basic understanding of stdout and redirecting, because... it works. but now debugging this is going to be weird

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