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big fish supper club, horizontal view 1, route 2, bena, minnesota, 1980

BUT when I opened my notes folder to write out my long todo, I found a similar “grounding” document from 2016 of my personal goals, and while I wouldn't have guessed this, I've actually been doing pretty well on those

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When I'm feeling overwhelmed I usually find that writing out a straightforward list of the stuff I need to do helps ground me and ease some anxiety, but I just did it and this time it looks like a whole lot of work!

figured it out!! I was using os.get_terminal_size() to format the output, but when you redirect it that results in an OSError for "Inappropriate ioctl" (but I was swallowing that error for sloppy reasons)

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Yeah, hm, testing this out with a simpler script is reassuring about my basic understanding of stdout and redirecting, because... it works. but now debugging this is going to be weird

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OK the thing I'm encountering is more subtle than I described, but... my script which produces command line output with print functions doesn't put anything into a text file when it's redirected (nor does it apparently provide anything to a pipe)

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Why is the output of print() functions in Python scripts not captured by > redirection or piping? Itsn't it just going to stdout? I feel like I'm misunderstanding something very basic here, but oh well.

can someone good at Python tell me if storing conditions like this and then eval()ing them in a while loop is unorthodox? it seems... "smelly," but it works and I don't know what would smell better

Put another way, to get at the heart of the issue: suppose you want to load a long list of things the end user is likely to consider a "word." Do you have to ship that list yourself? Or is it exposed for Python somewhere?

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Is there a canonical python way to load the system `words` file? I tried looking at how spell checking programs implement it, but it looks like they tend to ship with their own dictionaries

I once had sketched out a plan to make sets of city-themed Set cards, but I feel like the minimum runs for decent quality cards are hiiiigh on that scale

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I just saw a beautiful (and very thoroughly backed) illustrated tarot deck project on Kickstarter and it reminded me that I've always wanted to get a deck of cards printed. Maybe something with @pomological images? Tarot is (probably?) not my style... is there something other than playing cards that makes sense to print?

Got my final 1923 zine from @xor this week! what an amazing project. Parker has packed these chock full with absolutely stunning artwork, poems, writing, and some truly amazing glimpses into an earlier age—one not so different from the one we live in now

I got SO MUCH better at the mechanics of making a zine during my Kickstarter run. I'm kind of annoyed at how much better.


trying my hand at weekly meal prep for me and my partner today, which basically means I'm cooking a meal for 10 without getting to have a party

I want to organize a NUMTOT Cannonball Run, where you have to get from one city's downtown to another using any transportation method except car

lmao three evenings into debugging a PDF rendering thing when I discover that portions of a single page only don't render at a scale of 50% or less!

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