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I recently had to do a tiny bit of SSL cert maintenance (Let's Encrypt is phasing out an older form of validation) and it was such a powerful reminder of how much it sucked to have to do that before Let's Encrypt

blakeman avocados, painted by royal charles steadman, 1917

I've been working on the ~secret~ grid project for a little under two weeks and I don't understand how people do anything without constant feedback

If you're in or around New York I really can't recommend JULIO LE PARC 1959 at the Met Breuer enough. What an incredible collection of works!

(Also: the Met is pay-what-you-want for residents of NY, NJ, and CT, and it is a surprisingly low-pressure interaction to name your own price.)

The worst thing in the world is hearing two people in conversation using a word that they're both trying to subtly assert the correct pronunciation of

Setting a calendar alert for 2027 to check in on Art Dad

Copyright terms that enrich a tiny number of great-grandchildren at the expense of cultural preservation are a bad deal.

That Arcade Fire song where they talk about Mountains Beyond Mountains is playing, and I forgot which preposition is in the lyric (I actually thought it was "Mountains Without Mountains") and now I realize every preposition is good

Secret grid project status: preparing a proposal for new Unicode characters

Alright, here it is: I am going to be making a zine every month this year out of newly public domain materials from 1923. I just launched a Kickstarter for subscriptions, which are capped at 100! Please back and share :)

^ doing this, probably launching it tomorrow :)

I'm a little frustrated about how this new Tor feature appears to mostly be documented through rumors and speculation, but this @mtigas guide was super helpful

ugh this was a ridiculous problem to debug. Many attempts later: the Tor Browser on my box doesn't yet include tor, so it didn't recognize the ClientOnionAuthDir flag and kept failing silently

Tor question: does the ClientOnionAuthDir have to be in a specific place, or with specific properties? (i.e. permissions or ownership or something?) Just adding the line to my Tor Browser's torrc makes the whole thing crash on start-up

*to the tune of Bruce Springsteen's "Adam Raised a Cain"* dr frasier crane

thank you

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