@antifuchs those bots live downstream of the tool I want, if that makes sense

@k sure! I'd much rather run this than write it, but I'd do either

Is there already a tool that takes a video with a subtitles file and produces a collection of one screenshot per line?

st: discovery 

@muffinista anyway Lurian representation is so important

st: discovery 

@muffinista as soon as he appeared on screen my gf and I yelled "it's a Morn! a Morn!"

Oh, huh, I forgot to consider how link shortening would mess with that toot's text. BUT if you copy and paste it still works

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You can download the entire @pomological collection in high resolution for example with:

curl usdawatercolors.nal.usda.gov/p] -o POM0000#1.jpg

If you do that let me know!

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I just had an occasion to use curl's URL globbing feature and I was reminded how great and powerful it is. Highly recommended for downloading large numbers of well-ordered files! ec.haxx.se/cmdline/cmdline-glo

tmux config question I can't figure out how to phrase for a search engine 

@tripofmice I know like 4 things about tmux and this was one called forth from the haze

tmux config question I can't figure out how to phrase for a search engine 

@tripofmice I think you're looking for repeat-time, and setting it to 0 superuser.com/a/325579

@piggo there's a part of me that wants to! The goal was always sort of to make construction software, and I feel like if I'm going to do that it should have more... accessible... GUI...

Went back to read the code from my crossword puzzle client (`cursewords`) to see how I did something and... the whole code base is completely inscrutable to me. It was apparently written in a fugue state. I want to ship updates but it's in an alien tongue.

Changes are coming to pip, #Python's package installation tool, in October 2020. 2min20sec explanation video featuring people who work on pip:


Migration guide: pip.pypa.io/en/latest/user_gui

Sign up for user experience studies: bit.ly/pip-ux-studies

new thinkpad arriving momentarily. what operating system should i run?!?!

The plan is to get another 15% better at Python and then finally learn JS (lol)

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Got a recommendation for Effective Python. Anybody have strong feelings on that one, for or against?

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