What is it in my nerd brain that wants sharper boundaries between content and containers? Why, if you ask me what a podcast is, do I think "an RSS feed with enclosures that point to audio files" instead of, like, "an episodic true crime story"

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@joshmillard my understanding is that for visual art from professional but non-famous artists, the pricing is basically a function of size (and materials) and that's it. so!

Scene showing Shigeru Miyamoto's workstation at Nintendo of Japan decorated with a hanging Mario toy in 1993, seen in a French documentary about Japanese game companies. t.co/Be1uSpvatc

@metagrrrl he was late in providing the address, so that's the Jan/Feb issues of 1923! I sent them maybe a day before sending March, so be on the lookout for a slightly thinner envelope

@metagrrrl I'm afraid you'll have to take it up with the Secretary of State archive.org/details/california :) But yes, that calyx look is excellent! I'm CA born-and-raised, which is the tattoo inspo

@gaditb we are very very very far from my annoyance threshold about being sent beautiful 1923 images of california golden poppies, fyi

@gaditb the thing that eventually worked for me was searching for "eschscholtzia" in deep-text search, sorting by date, and guessing which page of results 1923 might be on. So the OCR works well enough to find these!

@gaditb (I think I can do it over the API and I might write a script to yank every page that has that search term from those 1745 items)

@gaditb no, this is perfect! I'm a little frustrated by Internet Archive's search function here, because there's no (web) way to do in-text search within that collection, right? you can *either* search metadata OR text?

yeah I finally found the search combo that hits paydirt. Looking through a lot of old seed catalogs! This has been a very productive lunchtime

lol I'd been looking for literally months and within minutes of posting that I think I've found two candidates

I don't know if this raises or lowers interest but I am probably going to get this image, when found, tattooed on my body

If anybody wants an archive challenge: I've been looking very hard for a nice 1923 image (preferably illustrated, a photo would do) of a California Golden Poppy. I'd be eternally grateful if you found it! Here are nice pictures from ~1920 and 1924

@brainwane money I have very detailed notes on and will provide. time... I have a sense of, but it's a little fuzzier. i'll make sure to include it!

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