@nelhage ok! I'm won't push anything broken but I'll keep pushing up through then

@nelhage would you be interested in trying the updated version of this software?

@tripofmice I always wondered whether it took its name from the Üüwüthüwy neighborhood or—like NoPa—the neighborhood took the name from it

Thinking about taking a trip to Aüshadjüwy, if anybody's been and has tips! unfamiliar.city/city/2

@palecur I haven't seen any of them! But they showed previews for 2 and 4 before screening 3, and I can imagine they aren't better

(a movie I saw for the first time last night)

@nelhage that's basically what I knew going into seeing it (last night) and I was surprised to find that that plot line is like 10% of the movie, max

The replies to this toot are for your Superman III thoughts

@will if it were invented today it would not have its own name, but: it's the process of populating the personalized parts of a physical or email "blast" with information from a database. so, like, the "Dear William" at the top of a form letter, and (in my case) the address printed on the outside

@kragen I can imagine that it Just Works for some people! but it failed 100% for me

I can only imagine the anguish that staunch non-programmers go through just doing mail merges with the CSVs of backer addresses Kickstarter provides

I'm sure nobody wants to hear about my "programming journey," but man... in this zine project alone, there a million little ways my life is easier because I can throw a tiny bit of code at it

The lates release of OnionShare (v2!) brings a pretty incredible list of new features. @micahflee's post is a good intro but you really need to dig into it micahflee.com/2019/02/onionsha

@ehashman the first PDF creation is more-or-less easy. It's all the subsequent manipulations that are a nightmare. I can get by with pdfjam and pdftk, but like: "bursting" PDF pages into JPGs? look at how that works right now!

One thing I've learned from my zine journey is that tooling around PDFs is extremely, laughably bad, even in terms of how bad software is in general

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