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Very frustrating to encounter expensive things that feel like frivolous rich-people indulgences but on closer examination appear to be "worth it"

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Getting things professionally framed is SO ridiculously expensive also genuinely SO much better than any DIY option I've found

I am making Ross: Dress for Fewer t-shirts and as of right now I feel like this is the silliest joke I've ever made

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Can't tell you how long I spent searching out Linux networking internals to discover the problem was the cord pushes in further than I had thought

I think in part I have this sense that I know so little about how ~*actual*~ web sites are made now that I won't be able to do it. (The first part is true but the second is not; I still know html lol)

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For like two years I've hemmed and hawed about building a tiny little web site for a project so I can get it off a paid service and I know it's going to be like, one weekend but I cannot bring myself to do it

@piggo how huge. I want to know how much shame I should be feeling

I have been working on a little project for a friend and I assumed it would cap out at 100 lines of code and so never bothered with a git repo or anything but the thing has just kept growing and growing

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What's the biggest first commit you've ever done?

@Gargron because I was a little sloppy! the twitter account is, which is triggered by a cron job every few hours. it picks a record at random and uses openCV to try to find a label circle. If it does, it does a (computationally heavy) encode and post. If it doesn't, it exits with a failure code. So I wrapped the whole thing in an `until` loop. The DMCA notice caused the uploads to fail, so it was encoding non-stop and using 100+% CPU for hours

The story is a little complicated but last night I discovered my server had been locking up and crashing for hours and I was finally able to trace the issue back to a DMCA notice I'd gotten on Twitter

One thing that makes me feel spoiled as a programmer is when I write something and it starts taking a while and I realize I have not until that moment thought about whether it will take 60 seconds or 20 years

@brainwane (in fact, it is well-formed enough that my solution was regular expressions. don't tell anyone)

This will be the year I learn javascript

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