Setting a calendar alert for 2027 to check in on Art Dad

Holy cow, there already exists at least one public Onion service expressly for telnetting into, and it's an official Wikipedia mirror

I think my next zine is going to be a selection of these beautiful mid-1980s computer ads

The most Free Software thing in my life right now is the built-in "fuzzy" mode for my system clock that says the (wrong) time in words

What do we think is the *single* US state not represented in the Hunts Point Produce Market?

OK this is one of those things that lots and lots of people do all the time but I am very excited about having an opportunity to do myself

for some reason I can't get enough of patent illustrations of super boxy 90s computers

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on the one hand, I absolutely have to start making better financial decisions for myself. on the other hand,

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