I'm doing the big Sunday WaPo puzzles in cursewords now and it looks so freaking cool. I'm really excited to get back into developing this software

these are the books I've read so far this year, if anybody wants to talk about any of them

this may be opulent but whatever, i'm reading a book at a baseball game

yeah I finally found the search combo that hits paydirt. Looking through a lot of old seed catalogs! This has been a very productive lunchtime

lol I'd been looking for literally months and within minutes of posting that I think I've found two candidates

If anybody wants an archive challenge: I've been looking very hard for a nice 1923 image (preferably illustrated, a photo would do) of a California Golden Poppy. I'd be eternally grateful if you found it! Here are nice pictures from ~1920 and 1924

Setting a calendar alert for 2027 to check in on Art Dad

Holy cow, there already exists at least one public Onion service expressly for telnetting into, and it's an official Wikipedia mirror meta.wikimedia.org/wiki/Telnet

I think my next zine is going to be a selection of these beautiful mid-1980s computer ads

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