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Parker Higgins @xor

can you buy onions on the dark web?

computer send toot

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Am I committed enough to this "joke" that I would actually make a darkweb onion market. I'm afraid I am.

Already by discussing this here I've proven I've got the opsec chops of most of the previous darkweb market operators

@xor Nah, you should PGP-sign this message first and then put the tarball of PHP you're going to use for the market on pastebin or something..?

@xor I've heard that onions are already an underground market 🕵️

@xor Create a cryptocurrency, call it onion-coin, and use it only to buy onions on the darkweb through the onion protocol.

@xor you know you just made some detective in an underfunded agriculture agency in California just spit their yerba mate all over the screen.