lmao I hadn't listened to the Lana Del Rey song at issue in the "Creep" dispute until now and yeah, that sounds a lot like "Creep"


This article about "Creep" and Lana Del Rey and the general post-"Blurred Lines" landscape of music copyright litigation is good newyorker.com/culture/culture-

@xor this article is white noise in itself... Says one thing and then immediatety the opposite thing, in order not to say anything, even accidentally.

There is no such thing as intellectual property, especially in this context. The whole copyright scam is just going on for so long and makes so much money it is just hard to stop, or have any kind of self criticism.

@xor that was a good article--particularly for the detail about Radiohead having credited The Hollies, which I didn't know.

I think I need some mental floss after reading the replies to Lana Del Rey's tweet ...

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