Here's a fun TIL: Because the ratio of terms in the Fibonacci sequence approaches phi, and because phi is close to the ratio of km to miles, you can approximate conversion between distances with adjacent Fibonacci numbers.

So 2 km ≈ 1 mile, 3 km ≈ 2 miles, 5 km ≈ 3 miles, 8 km ≈ 5 miles, 13 km ≈ 8 miles, etc, etc

@xor that's great, ... if you remember the Fibonacci sequence

@MightyPork so many things would have to go "right" for this ever to be the least bit useful! But I love it

@sydneyfalk right? It's so great! And also completely coincidental

@xor You should use another sequence of number if you want a good aproximation of phi. There is better sequences to get a better phi more quickly

@xor It seems to approximate better for longer distances. 2 km is 400 metres more than 1 mile, or 1/5 of the distance. Not very approximate for some uses like urban navigation.

@xor hey, be careful, it's getting less and less accurate REALLY soon

@xor now that's some math news you can use. Math thou can hath?

@xor a cubic mile is about the same volume as a sphere with a radius of 1km

@xor I'm going to make a scale model of the Parthenon that's 1 km × 1 mile big.

@xor 21 km ≈ 13 mi is especially useful for a runner :-)

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