For like two years I've hemmed and hawed about building a tiny little web site for a project so I can get it off a paid service and I know it's going to be like, one weekend but I cannot bring myself to do it


I think in part I have this sense that I know so little about how ~*actual*~ web sites are made now that I won't be able to do it. (The first part is true but the second is not; I still know html lol)

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@xor Have a look at CSS. Together with HTML you'll build a decent and modern web site!

@xor Similar situation here, for a new 2021 project I started using CSS Grid Templates which is apparently a Modern and Good thing to do,
but my momentum got derailed when I found it was rendering incorrectly on... an iPhone from just a few years ago.

I'll probably revert to styled <table>s, old but they work everywhere.

@xor I can still make a lovely 2000-style website with artisanally hand-typed HTML and a dusting of JavaScript but as I am trying to redo mine I realize I have no effing clue how to do a 2021 website without just letting WordPress do all the heavy lifting.

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