Wow the state-of-the-art for parsing HTML with the Python standard library is... pretty far back, huh

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@xor I'd just use BeautifulSoup4 with the lxml backend

@divergentdave as a challenge I'm trying to stick to the standard library and hoo boy it is way less good

(I got it to work with regex but like...)

@xor (extremely xkcd voice) the HTML5 spec, with its standardization of parsing, postdates Python 3 by six years!

@xor well-formed HTML or the kind of HTML you find in the wild wild web?

@brainwane this was about exceedingly well-formed HTML! The kind of HTML that BeautifulSoup cuts through like a hot knife through butter

@brainwane (in fact, it is well-formed enough that my solution was regular expressions. don't tell anyone)

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