My crossword downloading software ( has become the spaghettiest code and I would love to learn how to make it not so much that!

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@federicomena I would gladly take it! Even vague advice. It has sprawled pretty organically and I think I'm too close to see all the problems

@federicomena also I would *love* advice on stuff to read or learn from in terms of what goes into giving refactoring advice. I want this software to be better but also I want to know how to make better software, natch

@xor I think you could add tests for each specific JSON parser (AmuseLabs, WSJ, USAToday); maybe separate that concern from PuzzleVenue into VenueFormat (or OutletFormat per your outlet_prefix terminology).

@xor Have you seen Katrina Owen's videos on refactoring? They are just the best.

You don't even need to understand the programming language, just watch what she is doing. It took me about three views of each to fully understand them, but they are sooooo enlightening.

@federicomena I'm just seeing these three messages now! Have not seen these talks but they look perfect and I'm diving in. Can't wait to check out the PR either!

@federicomena ok I can't give it my full attention until I finish the workday but really really, the commit comments are already stellar. Thank you! so much!

@xor I totally have this on my backlog from months ago!! If I need a good brain distraction I'm totally gonna take a look

@ehashman I would appreciate any look you took but no worries at all. (I'd forgotten we spoke about it, lol.) There's a PR in there with some great comments so I've already got a lot to chew on

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